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I'm wondering what number of call themselves refugees. I'm wondering how many descendants of today’s financial migrants will look back in 2 generations and realise they had been really refugees. My sweet, blind grandma; a funny little Jewish lady from North West London, was truly a survivor, onerous as nails, who had travelled from Poland to Argentina, and back to London, and was trilingual consequently. I heard the fun stories of grandma and her sister going again to BA as young women, hanging out with rich Argentines, partying on yachts, of great-grandpa enjoying poker, being dapper, sitting speaking Yiddish in cafes in North West London. On the boat great-grandpa misplaced every thing playing poker. Superb, though, to seek out postcards of the boat that brought them to England. It was the height of luxurious in First Class, but my family would have been travelling Third Class, in the bowels of the boat. My household were fortunate to be accepted into England. They arrived in England destitute, and were not able to afford the passage back to Poland, in order that they settled in London.

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