A Rebirth: The Self-Esteem Movement

This website is dedicated to women from all religions, races, sexual expressions throughout the world, who want to participate in the greatest transformation on the planet while basking in the face of SHADE.

Life can throw you shade. What do we mean by shade? Shade represents trial and tribulations, illnesses, failed relationships and any other sorrows.

But do not be afraid, women are rising by the thousands as fighters, survivors, leaders and nuturers to face the the shadow of challenges.

For the feminine heart, great trial and tribulation takes a bloody toll on us and often attack to our self-esteem, leaving us to feel powerless and alone. You are not alone!

Our mission is to teach you to remember what you do not know or may have forgotten about.

Who you are? You are innately strong, undeniably free and powerful! We have forgotten that when we speak, the Himalayan mountains move. When we cry, the rainforest grows and when we believe, the miraculous unfolds.

We are reclaiming the power of thy self through faith, hope, and self love. This is the generator behind the movement!

The movements goal is to free yourself and future generations from the shadows casted by shade and the lack of believing in you. The path back to your own heart’s center is travelled over roads of faith, hope, and love for self.

The movement will leave a footprint for generations of girls and women to follow the path to renewal and understanding self respect so that you can live a to victimless life.

We invite you join our movement to activate your personal power through high self esteem. Let’s make the journey together!